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About Jane


Jane Squier has over 40 years of hands-on experience operating successful small- and medium-sized greenhouse businesses and market gardens. She has operated both organic and hydroponic systems in tropical, Mediterranean and cold (Zone 3) climates.

Jane is constantly working to refine the choice of plant material, growing methods and technologies to create an efficient, sustainable and economically viable lifestyle business.


Beyond operating The Garden, Jane's involvement in community development is extensive and ranges from establishing the Salt Spring Film Festival in 1999 to involvement with local governance in the areas of land use, water supply, organic waste management and transportation councils. She was the technical partner in the design and establishment of the award winning GISS Farm-to-Cafeteria Program.

Jane studied horticulture and agro-ecology at Olds College and UBC. Recently attended courses include Soil Food Web, Soil Health Academy, Aquaponics at UVI and MSU's Managing Hoophouse and High Tunnels.


Jane worked for two years as a District Horticulturist in Papua New Guinea.

She has travelled internationally researching, attending workshops, conferences and exchanging knowledge on small scale anaerobic digestion, greenhouse industry, organic farming techniques, sustainable technology and agroecology.

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