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Jane's presentations are based on knowledge gleaned during her 40-year career in crop production.

In her presentations she shares her experiences, both mistakes and successes, integrating different techniques and technologies to grow low-input, energy efficient and high quality produce.

Jane designs her presentations to inform and inspire her audience by including practical examples and useful resources.

Topics include:

The Garden - A Journey from Hydroponic Lettuce to Regenerative Citrus & Avocado Production

- From plastic to healthy soil, efficient heating systems...

Growing Healthy Soils and Nutrient Dense Food

- Principles and practices for Regenerative Agriculture,  tools to assess progress...

Sustainable Greenhouse Design

- Design considerations for energy efficient greenhouses with excellent growing conditions...

Grow Citrus and Avocados in Canada? Why not! 

- Designing the environment for minimal inputs, producing exceptional quality, value added...

Systems for Closing the On-Farm Nutrient Loop 

- Composts, Teas, Extracts, Anaerobic Digestion, covers..

Please contact Jane directly if you would like to book a speaking engagement or presentation.

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