About The Garden

A Creative and Viable Small Farm

The Garden is a three-acre farm located on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. The mediterranean-like climate allows us to grow an exotic variety of plants.

One acre is dedicated primarily to food producing perennials and two acres is a natural forest.

Experiments with sustainable growing techniques and emerging technologies are carried out at a scale that is transferable to other small farms, both urban and rural.

• Rainwater harvesting provides 100% of the horticultural requirements.

• Farm and kitchen waste fuels an automated 'family scale' anaerobic digester. It produces biogas for cooking and      fertilizer for the farm.

• A wood gasifier/hydronic heating system provides adequate heat for cold winter days in the greenhouse.

• Maximum efficiency is maintained with the use of thermal mass and energy curtains.


Butter lettuce and basil are grown hydroponically for the wholesale market, and crops are grown using Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


In 2014 one half of the 6,000 square foot greenhouse was planted to Sub-Tropical trees for organic fruit production, and in 2017 it was expanded to 4,000 square feet.


The Garden has been a featured farm for the annual Rainwater Harvesting Tour, The Salt Spring Eco-Living and Home Tour, Salt Spring Farm Tour and the Transition Society's Community Energy Conference.


Jane Squier operates the farm with part-time help.

The Garden

Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

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