Due to covid-19 the workshops and tours have been postponed. If you are interested in future workshops, you can leave a message and we'll get back to you when we schedule new dates. Best of wishes to you and yours, Jane

In lieu of workshops, Jane is offering consultations. To arrange for a 1.5-hour session, either at The Garden, or via phone

contact Jane

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Workshops at The Garden are small and offer participants opportunities to learn about different approaches for sustainable agriculture and to share dreams and ideas for their own projects. The Garden integrates different technologies to create low-input, energy efficient and regenerative growing environments.  Comments from participants are posted in Testimonials

Have a look at the workshop descriptions below and I hope one day you will consider attending!

Workshop Descriptions...

Grow Avocados and Oranges in Canada?    Why Not!

Pushing the Limits with Energy Efficient Greenhouse Design 


Learn what it takes to create a healthy and manageable growing environment, whether small or large, heated or unheated!

We begin Friday evening with a 'meet and greet' and a slide show presenting the challenges and creative solutions engaged in transitioning The Garden's greenhouse to an energy efficient and productive sub-tropical orchard.

Saturday and Sunday we will touch on the following topics using examples from ‘The Garden’ :​

Greenhouse environment, venting and efficient heating systems

  • Healthy soils, hydroponics and digeponics

  • ​Growing sub-tropical fruit in Canada

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • Rainwater catchment and filtration

  • Nutrient cycling (recovering nutrient from organic waste) with compost, anaerobic digestion (AD) and other methods

  • hands-on activities

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of what it takes to create a healthy, sustainable and manageable growing environment with a useful list of resources to continue to develop knowledge, skills and appropriate plans. An online forum with resource links is available to participants after the workshop to share resources, ideas and projects with previous participants.

Lunch is provided both Saturday and Sunday. 


The Ins and Outs of Anaerobic Digestion

with Engineer and Designer Kealan Gell

Kealan Gell, Off-Grid Gas & Fertilizers Ltd. will share his knowledge on how to operate and maintain a small or pilot anaerobic digestion and biogas system.

This includes several case studies of pilots as well as ongoing operational digesters with feedstock including: 

  1. food scraps and greenhouse waste

  2. residential septic sludge and glycerin

  3. green waste

  4. dairy manure and fats, oils and grease


Participants will also be able to work through their own scenario, and what would be required for either a small digester installation or a pilot digester trial. Exact size, length of trial, and purpose will be up to you.


We will provide guidance on available technology, and what to take into consideration for your pilot or small scale digester operation including maintenance and trials.

An introduction will be provided to anaerobic digestate based fertilizers and soil amendments as well as general background on hydroponic growing, by Jane Squier, The Garden, who has spent many years managing technology for successful commercial hydroponic greenhouses.

We will discuss biogas use, as well as fertilizer preparation on-site, including low tech digestate
solids separation and liquids pasteurization. A trial will be underway testing the use of several specific digeponics (digestate-hydroponic) preparations, alongside conventional hydroponic fertilizer.

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