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Grow Citrus and Avocados in Canada? Why Not!

Learn to Push the limits with Sustainable and Regenerative Systems


Workshops at The Garden offer participants a unique opportunity to learn about a wide range of techniques used in sustainable and regenerative food production.  Jane Squier shares key knowledge acquired as a grower for over 40 years; in Alberta's foothills (Zone 3B), tropical Papua New Guinea, and the coastal Mediterranean climate of British Columbia.  The Garden integrates different technologies to create low-input, energy efficient and regenerative growing environments.  The participants will learn practical and cost effective approaches to apply in their own projects through a series of presentations and hands-on activities.

We explore the following topics:​

  • How to grow sub-tropical fruit in Canada with minimal inputs. Learn to assess and monitor fruit quality with Brix refractometer (and taste tests).

  • Greenhouses: Key considerations for creating a plant friendly environment

  • Cost effective and reliable options for venting, heating, glazes and nutrient management

  • The 6 principles of regenerative agriculture to restore soil health

  • Johnson-Su composting, anaerobic digestion, vermicomposting

  • How to track your progress, simple methods to assess soil and plant health

  • Rainwater catchment and filtration

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of what it takes to create a healthy and manageable growing environment with a useful list of resources to continue to develop knowledge, skills and appropriate plans.

Please contact Jane for upcoming events.

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